Home Bible Study Course

One of the problems of attending any church assembly is that we often do not have any personal attention or teaching on how to become a Christian and any real information on how we can build a firm Christian foundation for our lives. We sometimes have questions about God, Christianity and the Bible that we often don’t get answered. Churches are often too busy focusing on the masses rather than on the individuals and their personal needs.

We have developed a course that allows you to lay your foundation for a Christian life, whether you are presently going to a  church or not. It is called the Bibleway Gospel Churches Home Bible Study Course.


The aim of this course is to set in place a firm foundation upon which you can build your life in Christ, and also to provide you with some helpful information with which to share your faith with others.


The course is meant to be studied at home in your own time once a week. If you want you can be visited regularly by a helper from the church who will go through one lesson per visit.


You will see a difference in this course, because


·        You are learning about Jesus Christ from the comfort of your home

·        You will have opportunities to ask questions and gain answers to them

·        You won’t be intimidated

·        You and your household will be treated with love and respect,

and finally

You will know what it really means to be a Christian
If you like a taster of the course then please feel free to download Lesson 1 of Module 1 at the below link. We ask you for a small donation of £2.00 for the lesson.
There are a total 16 lessons in the course which are split into 5 Modules.
 Module 1       Module 2
Module 3       Module 4           Module 5
Including topics such as:
Being born again
Winning others to Jesus
Reading the Bible
The return of Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
The devil and how to overcome him

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